Rules for online reservations for group exercise classes

At Nautilus, the cancellation period for group exercise classes is 120 minutes, which means that the customer must cancel the reserved place online no later than 2 hours before the start of the group exercise class. If you are in line, your waiting place closes 2.5 hours before the start of the group exercise class (30 min + 2 hours normal cancellation time).

10 minutes before the start of the group exercise class, the touch screen in the fitness center clears out all unclaimed reservations, and they are freed up for anyone currently in a reserve slot. This will no longer affect the queue in any way, but anyone can grab free places for the starting group exercise class directly via the touch screen by coming to the gym.

If the customer fails to come three times within 30 days to the group exercise class they have booked online, the customer will be denied the right to make a reservation. A fee of 10 euros is charged for restoring the reservation right. This is because we have a limited opportunity to admit customers to group exercise classes, and in our opinion, a “fine” is perhaps the fairest way to manage queues and maintain a level playing field. You can practically always go to the gym and swim (during public shifts) during the opening hours of the fitness center.

Best regards,

Nautilus staff