Train and swim with the same membership

Nautilus operates in connection with swimming halls. Entrance to the swimming hall is always included in your membership fee. This means that, as a member, you can train in our gym and with the same card you can also swim. Swimming is a simple but effective form of exercise that is also gentle on the body. Because the load on the body is reduced in the water, swimming is an excellent rehabilitation exercise and a great way to recover from a strenuous training session. Swimming is gentle fitness training that also strengthens the muscles of the arms, back and shoulders.

Helpful tips

Remember to take care of hydration after swimming; even if you don’t feel like you’re sweating in the water. While swimming fluid is released from the body and it must be replenished after a swimming session.

Chlorine sticks to dirt. If you wash your body and hair carefully before swimming and also use a conditioner, you will avoid catching the smell of chlorine on your skin and hair.