Strength training

A strong body makes everyday life more comfortable

There are many reasons to practice strength training. A stronger body reduces the stress on the joints. The bones become stronger and the bone density improves, which prevents the risk of osteoporosis. Strength training also improves your metabolism, promoting weight loss and weight control. Effective strength training also keeps your body’s musculature structure in balance, improving your posture.

In short, regular strength training makes you stronger for everyday life. A stronger body uses a smaller part of its total capacity and when your muscles work with less effort, the strain upon them and your body is reduced.

We know our stuff

We have always considered the guidance provided by our instructors to be an important feature of our programs and services. We go through the training program and equipment when you start with us, and we always organize follow-up meetings to check your progress and to further develop your training regimen. When you step through our doors, you often come across our instructors who are eager to give advice and tips for training. We show how the movements should be done to avoid injuries and inform you as to how you can avoid common mistakes. We want you to get the most out of your training and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

One of the methods we use for strength training is known as the Nautilus Method. A safe and time-saving way to improve the body’s muscular condition, this method consists of doing a set of 8-12 repetitions on each device, keeping short breaks between sets and maintaining a higher heart rate; allowing your train your entire body in just about 30 minutes. We recommend two to three training sessions, using the Nautilus Method, per week. By applying this training method, you have time not only to stimulate muscle growth, but also to recover between training sessions.