Membership Terms & Conditions


Membership is always personal and is not transferable to another person. Membership cannot be terminated prematurely, but is valid for the agreed contract period. Suspension of membership is possible in exceptional situations, such as in case of illness against a doctor’s certificate. The agreed contract period is the period for which the contract has been agreed to be at least valid, calculated from the agreed start date to the end of the last day of the commitment period. After the commitment period, the contract continues indefinitely, in which case it can be terminated in writing with a notice period of one month, calculated from the end of the termination month. The membership card and other access tags related to the membership must be returned to the Nautilus fitness center no later than the day the membership ends. Nautilus reserves the right to terminate the membership immediately without giving a reason. In this case, the unused part of the paid membership fee will be returned. Based on a gross violation of the rules, such as lending the membership card to an outsider, the membership will be terminated without refund of any unused membership time or membership fee. Nautilus is not responsible for any injury and/or damage caused to the member or a person for whom the member is responsible, nor for property that belongs to the member or has been handed over to the member or belongs to a person for whom the member is responsible. The member is responsible for being in appropriate physical condition to participate in training and treatment. The minimum age for membership is 13 years, unless otherwise agreed in exceptional cases. A membership fee must be paid to grant membership. A member who has chosen e-invoice or direct payment as payment method will be charged the membership fee with the first monthly payment, unless it has been paid at the time of purchase.


Seasonal changes to opening hours or general opening hours do not entitle you to an extension of the valid contract or refunds of payments. Swimming is only possible during the opening hours of the public shifts indicated by the swimming department. The opening hours are shown in the notices displayed in the fitness center.

Comfort and hygiene

The member and his/her guests must comply with the rules regarding comfort, hygiene, training methods and order announced orally or in writing by the Nautilus staff.


The use and/or sale of prohibited doping substances or similar performance-enhancing substances is prohibited and will lead to immediate termination of membership without refund of any unused membership time or membership fee.


I give my consent for Nautilus to contact me by email, text messages and phone as long as I am a member of Nautilus and for 18 months after my membership ends. I can ask Nautilus to stop such communication at any time by notifying Nautilus in writing.

Price changes

Monthly payments based on e-invoicing/direct payment are protected against all possible price changes during the commitment period, excluding possible changes based on VAT increases. After the commitment period, Nautilus can implement price changes by notifying the member at least 60 days in advance.


Receiving e-invoices in the online bank is a service used by Nautilus Finland Oy for membership fee debits, where the sender sends the invoice addressed to the recipient electronically to the online bank every month. This happens about a week before the due date, which is the 5th or 28th of the month depending on the membership. When agreeing to receive e-invoices in the online bank, the customer accepts the bank-specific conditions of his own bank as binding in addition to these general terms and conditions. Payments based on e-invoices are forwarded as bank transfers. The customer is responsible for all usual costs caused by the fact that the monthly payment could not be billed from the customer’s account on the due date due to the lack of e-invoicing authorization or the margin on the account. Such expenses include e.g. payment reminder fee, late payment interest and collection costs. The customer can agree in advance with the bank that the bank will debit the individualized e-invoice submitted by the biller to the online bank from the customer’s account on the due date, if the bank offers such a service in its online bank. The payment cannot be canceled after it has been debited from the customer’s account. The customer can change the payment account of the e-invoice if they wish. E-invoices are not notified by mail, but the customer can, if he wishes, activate the notification service for the arrival of e-invoices in the online bank if the bank offers that service. The notification service may be chargeable. The customer receives a reference number from Nautilus, which he uses to activate the e-invoice in his online bank. After Nautilus receives confirmation of the e-invoicing agreement from the bank, e-invoicing can be implemented.

Direct payment

The direct payment service is intended as an alternative for payers who do not have online banking. In the direct payment service, the bank automatically pays the agreed invoices on the due date from the payer’s account in accordance with the order given by the payer. The bank has information about billers who offer direct payment service. The customer provides Nautilus’ billing information and a direct payment order to their bank. The bank provides Nautilus with information on the payer’s payment method. Nautilus responds to comments and queries regarding the bill. On the due date of the invoice, the bank pays the invoices by bank transfer from the customer’s account. The general terms and conditions of payment brokerage apply to the bank transfer. If he wants to stop a continuous direct payment order, the payer must contact his own bank. If the customer thinks the amount paid by direct payment is incorrect, he should contact Nautilus directly. Nautilus is always obliged to return performance to which it is not entitled.

Termination of membership if payments are not made

If the payments are not made in accordance with the agreed payment terms, the member’s right to practice will be closed until the payments have been made up to date.

Minimum age when paying by e-invoice or direct payment

The minimum age for concluding a contract is 18 years. For a member who has not yet reached 18 years of age, it is required that the guardian signs the membership agreement and undertakes the payment responsibility on behalf of the member.

Membership card and access tag

Nautilus must be notified of the loss of the membership card or access tag. In this case, the membership card or access tag will be renewed for a fee of 10 euros.

Contract terms

Nautilus reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.